Jargon buster tools for clean writing

Full access utilities to detect jargon and clean up writing.


Free online jargon checker

Easy to use for a quick check on short pieces of content.

  • 700 jargon and overused words dictionary
  • Highlights jargon
  • Shows jargon density

Full access for 1 year

Recommended for business writers, editors and content marketing professionals. Check jargon usage in brochures, whitepapers, case studies, press releases and website content.

  • Shows alternative word suggestions
  • Includes free Clarity Word macro

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Word macro (2007 and higher)

More powerful than the online version, the macro works
inside documents and does the hard work of detecting
and highlighting jargon.

  • Easy to use inside Word documents
  • Check any amount of text contained in the document
  • Highlights jargon words
  • Reveals jargon density
  • Creating a shortcut on toolbar makes it most convenient to use

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Buying instructions

The basic price is the original price. If you wish to extend support to maintain and grow this service, you are welcome to pay other prices indicated (at present these do not entail extra features or benefits).

You can pay via Paypal or its included debit/credit cards. After payment, you will receive your access code which will be activated within 12 hrs. The Word Macro will need to be installed by the user.