Clarity helps writers detect and avoid jargon. The tool calculates jargon density – the number of jargon terms found divided by total number of words in your text.

The online tool focuses only on current and popular business and corporate lingo. Specialized jargon that is unique to various professions is not checked.

Why use Clarity?

Use the online tool or the Word macro to check market reports, whitepapers, brochures, website content, and other marketing and business content.

  • Jargon dictionary with 800+ words
  • Highlights overly used professional jargon
  • Shows a numerical estimate of jargon usage
  • Provides alternative words to use (full version)

The jargon dictionary includes popular cliches such as ‘actionable’ or ‘bandwidth’ and popular industry terms such as ‘synergy’, ‘core competency’… you know the list!

What do the density percentages mean?

(click to enlarge)







The ratings are not ‘prescriptive’ and should be seen only as indicators of how much text comprises overly used business jargon. For example, you may want the text to carry 0% jargon density, while in other cases a 1-2% might be set as an acceptable ratio.

Who should use Clarity?

Clarity is meant primarily for business and professional writers, content marketing services, and journalists. Its jargon dictionary will be updated soon for checking academic or technical content as well.

Clarity has been developed by Repairtxt.com, a start-up online writing and editorial service.

For more information please contact: sales [at the domain] repairtxt.com